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Board certified doctors Dr. Adam Grand (Chiropractor) and Dr. Shawn John (Physical Therapist) have over 25 years of experience in for professional and compassionate pain treatment.
Dr. Adam Grand
Dr. Adam Grand
Physical Therapist
What Is An Adjustment?

What Is An Adjustment?

An adjustment (also known as manipulation) is a precise procedure, usually applied by hand, to the joints of the body. Adjustments work to improve mobility, restore range of motion, and increase movement of the adjoining muscles to relieve pressure and tension. Patients typically notice a reduction of pain, soreness and stiffness, and improved mobility.

Back Care Plus Journal

News and articles about chiropractic and physical therapy treatments. Includes advice about managing and preventing pain in everyday life.
How Chiropractic Care Helps Runners
Running is one of Americans’ favorite forms of exercise. The reasons for its popularity are simple — it can be done almost anywhere, takes no special equi...
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Blood Drive with the American Red Cross
On Thursday, August 3rd, our team at Back Care Plus are sponsoring a blood drive with the American Red Cross. All donors attending the event will receive a $...
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Preventing Back Pain on Your Next Road Trip
As you all embark on your summer road trips, remember that driving for long periods of time can cause back pain or aggravate an already-existing back problem...
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Caring for Your Back in the Garden
Gardening is one of the joys of life for many of us, but back pain can throw a wrench into the best-laid planting plans. That doesn’t mean you need to cros...
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Back Stretches for the Office
Back stretches can be useful for office workers since sitting at a desk all day can make your back ache. Many helpful back stretches can be performed right...
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Tips to Protect Your Back when Shoveling
We could be in for the first big snow of the season any day now which means you might have to dust off that snow shovel and do some work. Shoveling snow is o...
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What Is An Adjustment?
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