Causes of back pain vary from patient to patient and are often treatable with simple changes in behavior and/or activities that cause unnecessary strain on the back. If you suffer from pain in your back, you are not alone and there are plenty of treatment options out there for you to explore.

The most common causes of pain in your back are stress and muscle or ligament strain. Stress in your daily life causes tension in your muscles. When your muscles tense up they can pull on different areas of the spine. The result is misalignment of the spine which causes mild to severe back pain. Muscle or ligament strain is the result of overloading or working muscles improperly. Treatment for back pain and/or discomfort varies greatly.

Other, less common. causes include: arthritis, osteoporosis and sciatica. Treatments for these conditions should be diagnosed and discussed with a healthcare professional as they can be more serious than the most common causes.

Changing your lifestyle can often inhibit a healthy, pain free back. Often your pain can be exacerbated by weight issues, lack of exercise, poor posture and bad work practices. To counteract or prevent the pain you should get plenty of exercise, lift and carry heavy objects safely, maintain a healthy body weight, take regular breaks and always be aware of times when your posture is lacking. You should also try and minimize the stress in your life or at least find a healthy way to relieve that stress.